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The ARTE brand was created in 2005 in effect of Ceramika Tubądzin's collaboration with DIY market networks. While creating a new brand we exploited our long-time experience and market knowledge transferred to us by leading market networks.

Each collection launch is preceded by the process of selecting and customising the tiles' designs, colours, and formats so that they meet each market's customer needs and expectations. With the assistance and commitment of qualified and experienced market networks' employees, we have managed to design and market over a dozen unique ARTE collections, different for each network and reflecting the genuine character of each of them.

ARTE brand products comprise the whole range of tile colours and decorations - from delicate pastel shades, through intense bold browns and blacks. The collection's diversified style ensures unique interior character. This character is further enhanced by our decorations - modern glass strips, romantic flower designs, and colourful mosaics.

It is our desire for ARTE collections to satisfy daring customers seeking unique style interiors, as well as those enjoying traditional warm interiors. For each market network, we have prepared a folder presenting the collections available in the given network. The folders comprise our suggestions and ideas for bathroom interior arrangements and are part of our customer assistance effort.

ARTE tiles are manufactured in the factories of Ceramika Tubądzin, one of Poland's leading ceramic tiles manufacturers, hence the top product quality confirmed by a series of attestations and certificates.

Also, ARTE brand boasts a separate customised distribution channel for each market network customers, who value shopping convenience, i.e. instantly available and all-inclusive product ranges at one stop.

It should be noted, too, that ARTE collections are frequently sold through highly attractive promotion drives, very popular with bargain hunters.